Why visit Down to Earth?

Down to Earth aims to equip any livestock farmer with the knowledge and tools to start or progress their specific regenerative farming journey while producing top quality produce. Whether you’re about to start on your journey or a seasoned professional at this environmentally friendly farming approach – there’s something for everyone.

Visitors will benefit from;

  • Key industry speakers
  • Inactive talks with industry specialists
  • Witness Regenerative farming strategies
  • Gain practical knowledge that can be applied on farm
  • Networking with like-minded individuals
  • Learn all about the host farm’s regenerative journey
  • Learn how to minimise risk and maximise the opportunity
  • Learn how soil and grassland management can improve productivity and profitability
  • Meet the relevant trade
  • Gather funding advice
  • Learn more about ELM’s
  • Arm their business with the required positive messaging