Down to Earth North Talk Demos & Drop-in Clinics

Thursday 6th July | Mark and Jenny Lee, Park House Farm, Torpenhow, Cumbria
Drop-in ClinicsDemos

Drop-in Clinics

We’ve got a variety of demos and drop-in clinics taking place at this year’s Down to Earth events. Designed to equip visitors with information about regenerative farming through physical demonstrations around different areas on the farms expect sessions to be practical and informative hands-on advice.

Drop-in clinics will run in addition to the main speaker programme and talk stations – looking at specific areas related to aspects of regenerative farming.

Check out the information below to see what will be of interest to you and your enterprise.


Rob Howe, Veterinary Surgeon, Clinical Director & Nuffield Scholar

Understand the vital role dung beetles play in the ecological health of farms and how you can help these crucial critters as leading livestock vet Rob Howe from LLM Farm Vets takes us on a dung beetle safari. See for yourself the work these creatures are doing and how simple changes to management practices can help safeguard their presence.  

Trinity AgTech

Get to grips with carbon calculating and bust some common misconceptions with our drop-in sessions with Trinity AgTech at Down to Earth South. If you want to know more about carbon tokens and credits, get into the nitty gritty of carbon audits or explore what management scenarios and options can impact your farm, then this is the clinic for you.


Pasture for Life Executive Director Jimmy Woodrow and an inspiring panel of dairy farmers will explain how they are pushing the boundaries of profitability and practice to remove inputs from their systems. This drop-in session will give an insight into topics such as cow with calf, once-a-day milking, routes to market and adapting mindset in pursuit of resilient dairy businesses. Ultimately, we’ll hear how dairy farmers can turn the media criticism on its head and become the least impactful and most ecologically productive farming system there is. The session will also touch upon the growing understanding of how the most nutritious milk comes from the most biodiverse farming systems. 



The Vredo Agri Series direct drill overseeders being demonstrated, have seen a great number of developments and improvements over the years. The result is a highly accurate mechanical seed distribution system which delivers a germination rate in excess of 96%. These robust but precise machines are ideal for dairy farmers and agricultural contractors, to provide the fields with lush grass in the spring, after the first cut or in the autumn.


Woxagriservices will be showing the Güttler Greenmaster range of Grassland management,rejuvenation and overseeding equipment to the livestock sector available from 1.5m right upto 12.4m including the Aermaster aerator.


The Aitchison brand has been relaunched in the UK market over the last 2 Years the drill’s popular seeding technique using the T-boot system achieves a good tilth in the bottom of the seed slot creating ideal conditions for germination and early growth coupled with the gentle sponge seed delivery.

The latest drills have a new colour scheme but are otherwise like previous versions and the range includes the GrassFarmer which is available in 1.2, 2.1, 2.7m working widths; the SeedMatic from 2.5–3.0m and the Air Pro which is available in widths up to 6.0m.  

“It’s a basic and simple drill which delivers superb results “It has an excellent reputation and great residual values too.”


The Coppice Co-Op will be demonstrating the production of bio using its mobile retort machine. This method uses waste gases to fuel the charcoal making process, making it much more efficient and less polluting. Biochar is charcoal made from carbon rich biomass and then charged with moisture, nitrogen, and microbes. It can then be incorporated into soils to improve structure and fertility as well as sequestering carbon.